5 Attributes of a Good Container Home Builder

A good container home builder is:

  • Passionate about building excellent container homes
  • Experienced in building high-quality container homes
  • Well-liked and has satisfied, favorable reviews from their past clients
  • Great at designing container homes that are both comfortable and energy-efficient
  • Filled with a customer-first mindset, making sure to send a customer home happy with amazing service and the features the customer wants in a container home

Shipping containers are desired when it comes to homes. They are affordable, durable, and portable, making them very attractive to people who want a living space that’s fast to build and won’t require a large loan to accomplish.

All the container homes are insulated, with the inclusion of airconditioning and heating units, plumbing, and wiring. Each home is also equipped to hook up to the city drainage, or to greywater and blackwater tanks for living off the grid. A 20-foot single container home cost starts at $40,000. 40-foot single container homes starting cost is $60,000, while homes with plenty of containers start at $100,000.

Alternative Living Spaces has an offering of Raw Containers, with a starting price of $29,900. Think of these containers as your canvass and you as the painter. They’re just waiting to be converted by you into a tiny home, or whatever space you want. But don’t worry – these containers have the basics: insulation, framing, light fixtures, windows, flooring, and even paint, so they’re not going to be too raw.

If you’re looking for a container that’s ready to be lived in, you can check out their 20- and 40-foot luxury container homes. The former starts at $36,000 while the latter starts at $63,000. Expect your new home to be completed from 6 to 8 weeks as soon as you place your order!